Case Studies

A compilation of a few of our significant success stories.

Products & Consulting
IIT Madras

Indian Institute of Technology is one of the premiere education institutions in India. IIT –Madras identified BuildSuperfast as one of the kind solution for the construction industry. When the projects and maintenance wing of IIT-M was looking to computerize its operation, a technical committee was set up consisting of highly qualified professors of the institute. The committee after detailed consideration approved BuildSuperfast as a competent solution for their projects and maintenance department. Now IIT uses BuildSuperfast for enhanced effectiveness and are further adding more user licenses. Indian Institute of Technology is of course a pride for any organization to be associated with.

Al Habib & Co LLC

About The Client:

Started in 1978 by Ali Malallah Habib, Al Habib & Co LLC has grown to be the largest Real Estate Service company in Oman offering a complete range of Real Estate products and services under one roof. When the Oman based real estate firm identified the need for an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solution to integrate all functional departments to obtain Management Information System reports "as and when it happens", Micromen's BuildSuperfast ERP was chosen to accomplish the same.

Initial Presentations:

After two rounds of comprehensive presentations followed by in-depth discussions, the management was thoroughly convinced that the detailed, in-built & department-wise reporting system would address all its requirements.

Business Process Analysis & Solutions Provided:

During the Business Process Analysis stage it was identified that there were several small-scale standalone software solutions used in various departments across Al Habib's various divisions. The various specific requirements were identified department-wise and standard business practices were advocated immediately and whenever called for.

Implementation and Client Feedback:

"We surely feel the implementation of BuildSuperfast ERP will reduce our work drastically as there is no necessity for us to manually prepare spreadsheets/reports since most of our reporting requirements are already available in the system." said Mr. Shoaib, the Material Controller for Al Habib. This was also the general feedback obtained during the Orientation and the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with the end-users. "Not only are we getting a product that performs how we want it to, we know that it is backed by a company that will be there for us," added Mr.Shoaib.

Services and offshore Development

One4All is a social giving website where individuals can manage their donations via their own personal charitable fund. The One4All website brings together all the charitable organizations in the United States under a single roof so users may donate to the causes they choose. The website is tightly integrated with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) so users may share their giving activities and also promote charities and fundraisers of their choice.

One4All was completely designed and developed by the team using SCRUM agile methodology. Short development cycles of two weeks (sprints) were employed. A meeting with the product owner was arranged at the start of every sprint during which the product backlog was discussed so the development team and the client were on the same page regarding the target points for that specific iteration. The team held daily stand up meeting in order to review the work done and also plan for the day.

Sprint progress was diligently updated so the client was intimately aware of the status of the sprint and could prioritize based on product needs. This made it easier for the team to adapt and accommodate requirements that were raised mid-sprint.

Today, One4All is poised to be the biggest and most popular social giving platform in the United States.